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Dr. Nik Rana, a leading McKinney facial plastic surgeon, brings a decade of experience in understanding the finer, delicate intricacies of facial cosmetic and plastic surgery. He founded this practice to create a safe space where men and women can explore their aesthetic goals, refresh and rejuvenate their appearance, and ultimately improve their lives. He is here to deliver results that you have been searching for… where everyone will notice but no one will know.

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The Premise

Dr. Rana created Rana Facial Plastic Surgery to give men and women a private space to receive expert counsel and exceptional, natural-looking results when it comes to their cosmetic facial plastic surgery. He has helped thousands of patients achieve their aesthetic goal by developing customized treatments and procedures tailored to each individual patient. He is adept at listening to allow patients to feel comfortable along each step of their aesthetic journey.

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Nik Rana Md

Face & Neck

Your face is one of your greatest assets, often your first impression. It also serves as the gateway to the real you. It is one of the most complex areas of the entire body, with its intricate facial anatomy and multifaceted units that create your natural facial harmony. Trust your face to an expert and see how Rana Facial Plastic Surgery can help you achieve your aesthetic goals and restore your natural beauty.

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Youthful, voluminous hair speaks volumes, which is why Rana Facial Plastic Surgery is ready to help you with several treatments that can help you enjoy beautiful, lush hair. From platelet-rich plasma treatments crafted from your own natrually-produced growth factors to precision hair transplantation surgery, we have several different ways to help you achieve the look you've always been looking for.

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The full complement of non-surgical procedures such as BOTOX at Rana Facial Plastic Surgery is aimed to garner a powerful, anti-aging result. From wrinkle prevention to collagen restoration to smoother, more toned skin, see what Dr. Rana can offer you to achieve a refreshed and natural look.

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