High, strong cheekbones are often times viewed as a sign of beauty. They can add desirable shape and dimension to the face. When an individual’s cheek bones are not sculpted or defined, the face can appear dull and sometimes aged in appearance.

Cheek implants can be used as a permanent solution to improving balance and harmony to the face, and Dr. Rana is an expert plastic surgeon in facial implant procedures, and check augmentation in McKinney, TX.

Recovering from

Cheek Augmentation

Following cheek enhancement, patients typically experience some swelling and soreness at the site of the incision and in the cheeks. The good news is that this discomfort can be managed with over-the-counter and/or prescription medications. Most patients decide to return to work after they have initially healed 5 to 10 days after the procedure and their sutures are removed. They can hide any bruising with makeup until it completely fades.

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Benefits of Cheek Augmentation

These are some of the most frequently experienced benefits of patients undergoing cheek implants in McKinney, TX at the Rana Facial Center:

Resolve Asymmetrical Features: Facial symmetry is an important aspect of beauty. Cheek implants can be used to even out asymmetrical sides of the face and create a more balanced appearance.

Achieve a More Striking Look: Undefined cheekbones are often correlated with shyness or even weakness. By adding volume to their cheekbones, patients can achieve a striking first impression that will bring out their confidence and allow them to stand out from the crowd.

Reduce the Effects of Aging: When cheeks that used to be full and youthful begin to look hollow and sunken, a patient can appear older. Cheek implants can reduce the effects of aging by adding definition to the cheeks.


Are cheek implants safe?

When they are in the hands of a fellowship-trained plastic surgeon, such as Dr. Rana in McKinney, TX, cheek implants are extremely safe. In fact, the rejection rate for cheek implants is less than 1%.

Do I have to stay overnight after undergoing a cheek augmentation procedure?

A cheek augmentation procedure does not require a hospital stay. After patients have comfortably recovered in our facility, a family member or friend can drive them home.

When can I get back to everyday life after cheek implant surgery?

Following cheek implant surgery, the majority of patients go back to work within a week. However, they should take it easy and avoid heavy lifting or vigorous activities for several weeks. If they have any swelling or bruising, it may take several weeks to fade.

When can I return to exercise after cheek augmentation?

After a cheek enhancement procedure, a patient can begin to engage in light exercises such as stretching and yoga. They should wait at least 3 to 4 weeks before performing more strenuous exercises.

How long will it take for the results of cheek augmentation to show?

The results of cheek implants will be obvious immediately after the procedure and continue to improve as the swelling starts to fade. Unlike facial fillers, which require maintenance, cheek implants offer long-lasting results from one procedure.

What are cheek implants made of?

Dr. Rana uses cheek implants that are comprised of a soft, rubber-like material which conforms to the underlying bony structures in the face.

Do cheek implants affect diet?

A week after a cheek implant procedure, food with sharp edges should be avoided. It’s also wise to refrain from eating dairy products for the first week after surgery because of the natural bacteria and the slight risk for infection of the incision.

Are there any risks of cheek augmentation procedures?

All procedures, including cheek augmentation, come with risks. Some of the most common risks of cheek enhancements include bleeding, infection, changes in skin sensation, poor wound healing, skin discoloration, and unfavorable scarring.

Is there visible scarring after cheek augmentation?

Fortunately, cheek implants do not cause visible scars since they are performed inside the mouth or inside the lower eyelids.

How long do cheek implants last?

Cheek implants are permanent and usually last a lifetime.

Why are cheek implants recommended over injectable fillers?

Both cheek implants and injectable fillers can help improve the appearance of a patient’s cheeks. However, injectable fillers lead to temporary results while cheek implants are solid, have no risk of leakage, and allows them to be a permanent solution.

Is there a way to ensure cheek implants look natural?

In order to achieve natural looking results from cheek implants, it’s essential to find a facial plastic surgeon with a specialization in cheek implants. Dr. Rana is well-known for performing cheek enhancement procedures that lead to natural results.

Will aging cause cheek implants to look unnatural?

Patients do not have to worry about their cheek implants looking unnatural as they age. Cheek implants are purposely placed underneath the soft tissues of the cheeks to reduce the risk of a change in appearance over time as a patient ages.

Will smoking affect cheek enhancement recovery?

Smoking can hinder cheek enhancement recovery. It can lead to infection and even pneumonia. Therefore, patients must stop smoking before the surgery.

Can a cheek enhancement be combined with another procedure?

Dr. Rana often encourages patients to combine their cheek enhancement with a face or neck lift, brow lift, facial laser resurfacing, or a chin augmentation.

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