The appearance of the neck can change over time due to the natural aging process. Saggy skin, jowls, and accumulation of fat deposits all contribute to the look of what some refer to as a “turkey neck” or “turkey gobbler.”

Neck lift surgery, known medically as lower cervical rhytidectomy or plastysmaplasty, can offer a natural solution to improve these issues and achieve a youthful result. Neck lift surgery is performed by Dr. Nik Rana in McKinney and Frisco, Texas and can be combined in conjunction with other procedures such as a facelift and blepharoplasty.

What to Expect for a Neck Lift

The benefits of a neck lift are a sharper neck and jawline. The healing process for a neck lift is between 5-7 days. If the surgery is performed alongside other procedures, the recovery can be prolonged. Some patients will experience postoperative bruising, which may take longer to fade. Swelling of the neck and redness near the incision sites can be camouflaged with makeup and clothing once approved by Dr. Rana.

Overview of a Neck Lift

Dr. Rana will create an incision behind each ear near the earlobe to gain access to the deeper neck tissue. In more extensive cases, he may have to create larger incisions extending into the hairline, still inconspicuous and hidden. Below the skin, the platysma, or muscle band, found in both sides of the neck may be surgically tightened. Furthermore, restructuring of the platysma can include surgical cuts to this fibrous sheet or an elevation of the tissue, leaving it fully intact.

It is not uncommon to use liposuction to sculpt the fat of the jawline (jowls) and neck. In this case, an incision is created below the chin, where a small cannula can access the fatty tissue to perform lipo-sculpting. Depending on the patient’s desired aesthetics, the fat may be completely removed or redistributed to areas lacking in volume.

Often, patients seeking the neck lift complain of excess skin. Though no two neck lift surgeries performed are alike, many do require the excision of some of this overlying tissue. In cases requiring minimal correction, or where skin laxity is not an aesthetic concern, the doctor may not cut away the skin, and a sleeker neck can be achieved through other surgical methods.

Why Choose Dr. Rana for a Neck Lift

Neck lift surgery demands technical precision combined with artistic proficiency by your operating facial plastic surgeon. If the intricate details and foundational deficiencies are not addressed and corrected, results from a neck lift surgery may not be long-lasting and often times will be unnatural. As a highly trained and expert facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Rana possesses an in-depth understanding of variable neck anatomy. Combined with his artistic eye and unique ability to tailor results for each patient, he will be able to achieve a favorable, all-natural result, where everyone will notice… but no one will know.

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How is a traditional neck lift performed?

The hallmark of a great plastic surgeon is to individualize a treatment plan to a patient, offering a fully customized procedure. While neck lifts will vary among patients, the surgery generally includes a tightening of the underlying muscle structure and the removal of extra fat and skin.

What type of anesthesia is administered during neck lift surgery?

Surgery is performed at an ambulatory surgery center. Patients are administered general anesthesia by a physician anesthesiologist.

Can younger patients undergo neck lift?

Patients should be adults who have finished growing and can undergo neck lift surgery if approved by Dr. Rana. Distribution of fat changes during the adult years, so a younger person with a double chin may find that this tissue naturally dissipates as they age. In other cases, a person may have always noticed their lower face appeared fuller or, due to weight gain, their double chin formed. In younger patients with the main cosmetic concern of adipose tissue accumulation, submental (under the chin) liposuction may be the only step necessary if the skin remains firm and elastic.

Should I undergo a facelift and neck lift surgery together?

Patients who display signs of aging on both their face and neck should consider undergoing this dual correction. If he or she only opts to have a neck lift performed, the contrast between a youthful neck and an aging face can appear disharmonious.

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