The facelift is one of the most popular cosmetic surgical procedures around, largely due to its ability to shave years off your appearance, revealing a younger, more youthful you. As popular as it is, though, one of the trade-offs that tends to come with it is its recovery time, often requiring that you press the “pause” button on your life for at least a couple of weeks for recovery.

This used to be the case, that is until Dr. Rana developed his signature Rapid Recovery R2 Mini Facelift in Frisco. He developed this hybrid technique that addresses both the SMAS and the deep plane layers of the face to marry the results of a traditional facelift with a shorter recovery and less swelling and bruising overall.

What is the Rapid Recovery R2 Mini Facelift?

The Rapid Recovery R2 mini facelift is a low-downtime mini facelift developed by Dr. Rana at Rana Facial Plastic Surgery. It was created for patients in the McKinney and Frisco areas who may not be ready for a full facelift or cannot afford time away from their busy schedules however, still desire a fresh, rejuvenated appearance.

Dr. Rana is Double Board-Certified by the American Academy of Facial Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery.  He has been involved in over 250 facelift procedures for patients in the past year alone.

Am I a Candidate for R2 Mini Facelift in Frisco?

The R2 Lift is particularly attractive to our patients because it offers all the benefits of a full facelift, with far less downtime and significantly less swelling and bruising. 

The best candidates for R2 Mini Facelift are usually: 

  • Adults 
  • Between the ages of 40 and 65
  • Showing early signs of aging
  • Unable to take time away from busy schedules
  • Just requiring a touch-up

What Makes the Rapid Recovery R2 Mini Facelift Different

Unlike the “Feather Lift” or “Thread Lift” where a barbed thread is used to hold the skin in place and the “Lifestyle Lift” or “MACS Lift” where a permanent suture is left in place to hold the tissues, Dr. Rana’s signature Rapid Recovery R2 Mini Facelift lifts, repositions, and places sutures in the actual SMAS and deep plane layers of the face to provide longevity and natural results.    

It involves tightening the underlying SMAS layer (superficial musculoaponeurotic system) to provide long-lasting and natural results. Additionally, it is common to elevate underneath the SMAS layer, also known as a deep plane facelift, to reinforce your results further.

For individuals with a heavy neck or excessive sagging of the face, neck, and jowls, the R2 mini facelift in Frisco can be paired with the R2 mini neck lift for optimal results. Commonly, liposuction of the neck and under the chin and a platysmaplasty may be performed with the R2 mini facelift.

Main Benefits of the R2 Mini Facelift

The primary benefit that comes from the R2 Mini Facelift is its reduced downtime and shortened recovery period. Since this procedure is specifically apt at addressing relatively minor concerns, when compared to the traditional facelift, it tends to be less extensive and results in a less intensive recovery period.

Other benefits include:

  • A quick return to daily life
  • Low downtime
  • Significantly less swelling and bruising
  • Local anesthesia
  • Lowered cost
Rana Facial Plastic Surgery


"Dr. Rana is one of the most caring surgeons I have ever had the good fortune to have. I was injured on active duty and I have had 11 previous surgeries. The surgery he performed (a facelift and neck lift) was the best I have ever experienced. The pain was very minimal, the healing time was short and the result was nothing short of amazing. He did an amazing job, repairing a surgery that I had on active duty that did not go well. I am a different person due to Dr. Rana‘s excellent skills as a surgeon as well as his plethora of compassion and empathy. I highly recommend him to anyone. His skills are unmatched!"

Sue Nading

Rana Facial Plastic Surgery

"I had a face and necklift with Dr. Rana and I couldn’t be happier with my results. Several friends referred me to him and I just knew I had to see the very best. My results are natural and my recovery was easy and painless. People know I look better, but they have no idea I had surgery, which is exactly what I wanted. Dr. Rana is very warm and friendly. The staff is excellent as well and made my entire experience wonderful. I am thrilled with my results more and more every day!"

Kimberly Reilly

Why Choose Dr. Rana for R2 Mini Facelift?

Facelift surgery demands technical precision combined with artistic proficiency by the operating facial plastic surgeon. If the intricate details and foundational deficiencies are not addressed and corrected, results from a facelift surgery may not be long-lasting and often will be unnatural. As a highly trained and expert facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Rana possesses an in-depth understanding of variable facial anatomy. Combined with his artistic eye and unique ability to tailor results for each patient, he will be able to achieve a favorable, all-natural result, where everyone will notice… but no one will know.

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What to expect from the Rapid Recovery R2 Mini Facelift

Patients in the Frisco and McKinney areas love Dr. Rana’s mini facelift as it incorporates the same techniques as a traditional facelift, but utilizes minimal incisions. These incisions are hidden within the hairline, just above the ear, allowing it to remain nicely hidden.

Typically, this procedure addresses a smaller area of concern, compared to the traditional facelift. Pairing it with another procedure — such as the R2 Mini Neck Lift or neck liposuction, for example — is another great way to achieve your desired results.

The R2 Mini Facelift is also distinct in that it can be performed under local anesthesia and oral medications. Bruising and swelling tend to be greatly reduced, and patients can typically return to their daily lives in as little as three to five days.

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How long will my mini facelift results last?

Results from the R2 Mini Facelift in Frisco typically last about ten years or more, but this can be impacted by things like aging, sun exposure, weight loss or gain, pregnancy, and so forth.

How long is the recovery time?

Social downtime after a facelift is anywhere from five to seven days, with most patients able to enjoy public events by this time. Maximal strenuous activity is safe after four weeks. You'll wear your bandage overnight, before returning to the office for removal.

Can I be in the sun after my mini facelift?

You’ll want to make sure you avoid direct sun exposure while your scars are healing after your mini facelift. Due to the reduced scarring, you won’t need to stay out of the sun for long, but it’s smart to do so while you’re in the healing process.


How long will my R2 mini facelift results last?

Your desired results can last ten years or more. Subsequent alterations in the appearance of your body may occur as the result of aging, sun exposure, weight loss, weight gain, pregnancy, menopause, and/or other circumstances not related to your surgery.

Am I a candidate for the R2 mini facelift?

Any healthy adult struggling with sagging skin is potentially a candidate for a facelift. Many people have this procedure performed in their 50’s and 60’s, but individual candidacy is up to the discretion of your plastic surgeon.

Will I need to stay at the hospital overnight after my R2 mini facelift?

With the use of Dr. Rana’s advanced and propriety technique, the R2 mini facelift will not require a hospital stay.

How long does it take to recover from the R2 mini facelift?

Because smaller and fewer incisions are made, bruising and swelling are greatly reduced. Patients are able to return to work or social functions in as little as five to seven days.

Can I take medications and herbal dietary supplements after the R2 mini facelift surgery?

There are potential adverse reactions that occur as the result of taking over-the-counter, herbal, and/or prescription medications. Aspirin and medications that contain aspirin interfere with bleeding. These include non-steroidal anti-inflammatories such as Motrin, Advil, and Aleve. It is very important not to stop drugs that interfere with platelets, such as Plavix, which is used after a stent. When taking the prescribed pain medications after surgery, realize that they can affect your thought process and coordination. Do not drive, do not operate complex equipment, do not make important decisions, and do not drink any alcohol while taking these medications. Be sure to take your prescribed medication only as directed.

Can I be out in the sun following the R2 mini facelift surgery?

The effects of the sun are damaging to the skin. Exposing the treated areas to the sun may result in increased scarring, color changes, and poor healing. Patients who tan, either outdoors or in a salon, should inform their surgeon and either delay treatment, or avoid tanning until the surgeon says it is safe to resume. The damaging effect of sun exposure occurs even with the use of sunblock or clothing coverage.

Can I travel after a R2 mini facelift surgery?

Any surgery holds the risk of complications that may delay healing and your return to normal life. Please let the surgeon know of any travel plans, important commitments already scheduled or planned, or time demands that are important to you so that appropriate timing of surgery can occur. There are no guarantees that you will be able to resume all activities in the desired time frame.

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