Earlobe repair is a surgical procedure designed to reconstruct torn, injured, or abnormally shaped earlobes. This procedure can repair earlobes that have been stretched because of having earrings, gauges, or plugs... giving them a nice, round, normal appearance that can be later re-pierced. Here at Rana Facial Plastic Surgery, we are pleased to offer high quality earlobe repair in our McKinney office.

Am I a Candidate for Earlobe Repair?

Anyone who was born with abnormally large or small earlobes is potentially a good candidate for an earlobe repair. In addition, individuals who have developed earlobe injuries caused by earrings or trauma could benefit from earlobe repair. For example, patients often come to us for earlobe repair if they regularly wear heavy, long earrings or gauges, that has caused their piercing holes to stretch and elongate.

Other good candidates are those who believe their earlobes look too elongated or old for their face. Those with keloids, an abnormal scar tissue growth can benefit from an earlobe repair as well. The doctor will have the final say on individual candidacy, and he will recommend an individualized treatment plan for each patient.

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What to Expect from Earlobe Repair

An earlobe repair is a relatively simple, outpatient procedure. Your surgeon will begin by injecting local anesthesia into the earlobe to numb the area. The surgical technique he uses will depend on the type of repair required.

In the event a patient has a partial tear, your surgeon will remove the damaged portion of the skin and stitch the skin back together using small sutures so that the earlobe forms a natural shape.

If a patient has a full tear or has significantly stretched or gauged their earlobes, he will rearrange the tissue to replace damaged tissue. He will then place tiny sutures. Once the procedure is over, the patient will be left with natural looking earlobes.

Recovering from Earlobe Repair

Fortunately, earlobe repair is a quick and pain-free procedure that allows patients to drive themselves home after the procedure. The surgeon will prescribe an antibiotic ointment for patients to apply as well as a bandage that should be worn for five days to a week.

Patients who experience some pain or discomfort can turn to over-the-counter pain medications to find relief. Any swelling or bruising that they may face should fade within one to two weeks. About one week after the procedure, the sutures will be removed.

If possible, patients should refrain from wearing earrings for a minimum of two months and avoid heavy earrings for at least six months. Additionally, they should avoid wearing turtlenecks and holding a phone to the affected area for one week following surgery.

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Benefits of Earlobe Repair

  • Expanded hairstyling options
  • New jewelry possibilities
  • Increased confidence
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What are some signs that an earlobe repair is necessary?

You may require earlobe repair if:

  • You have droopy earlobes
  • You have stretched piercings
  • Your earrings always fall out or constantly catch on to your clothes or pillows

You may also want to consider earlobe repair if your lobes have experienced trauma

Can gauge damage be repaired?

Yes. Many patients visit Rana Facial Plastic Surgery because their earlobes have been damaged from gauged piercings. Fortunately, repairing this damage is a fairly simple procedure.

How long does an earlobe repair take?

The majority of earlobe repairs take one hour to complete.

Will there be pain after earlobe repair?

Since earlobes do not contain many nerves, pain after earlobe repair is very minimal and is easily controlled with over-the-counter medications.

What is the best way to care for earlobes after surgery?

After surgery, you should avoid any impact or pressure on the lobes, harsh soaps, or excessive sun exposure so that your earlobes can completely heal.

Do I need to stay out of the sun after earlobe repair?

Following earlobe repair surgery, avoid prolonged sun exposure. Too much time in the sun can lead to pigmentation of the incision lines.

Are there any risks associated with earlobe repair?

Since skin is cut during an earlobe repair and it is considered a surgical procedure, there are some minor risks. Some of the most common risks include infection, bleeding, pain, and scarring.

Will I develop an ear infection after earlobe repair?

An ear infection is one of the risks of earlobe repair surgery. This risk is reduced by using sterile equipment and providing patients with very specific after-care instructions.

Does earlobe repair result in scarring?

Due to the fact that an incision is necessary to repair a torn or damaged earlobe, there will be some scarring after an earlobe repair. Fortunately, there are special techniques that can help keep scarring to a minimum. If patients do face scarring, it’s usually a fine line that is barely noticeable.

Will I be able to wear earrings again after earlobe repair?

Yes. Regardless of the reason why your earlobes have become stretched, an earlobe repair will allow you to wear earrings again once you’ve completely healed.

Will my ear be wrapped in a dressing after earlobe repair?

After surgery, your ear will not be wrapped in a dressing. You’ll be able to go out in public and nobody should be able to see your sutures unless they look at your ear very closely.

When should I get my ears re-pierced after earlobe repair?

Our surgeons recommend that patients who have undergone an earlobe repair wait at least eight weeks before getting their ears re-pierced. This will help prevent earlobe damage from recurring.

When can I shower after earlobe repair?

You can shower and wash your hair the day after earlobe repair surgery. Be sure to refrain from scrubbing the surgical area. If possible, use a gentle shampoo such as Johnson & Johnson baby shampoo.

How much time is necessary to recover from an earlobe repair?

Fortunately, patients who undergo earlobe repair will not need to take any time off work. However, they should consider scheduling their surgery toward the end of the week so they can spend the weekend resting and recuperating from the procedure.

When does follow up occur after an earlobe repair?

In most cases, patients are asked to visit their surgeon five to seven days after surgery. Your surgeon will also ask that they return a few weeks later so they can make sure proper healing has taken place.

Can an earlobe repair be combined with other surgeries?

Patients who opt for earlobe repair to achieve more youthful earlobes often pair this procedure with other surgeries such as a facelift to completely rejuvenate their face.

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