Radiant, glowing, and youthful skin can be one of the most important and captivating features of the face. One of the top anti-aging treatments in the world, radiofrequency (RF) microneedling has a place in everyone’s skincare regimen whether light skin or dark skin.

It delivers powerful skin smoothing and skin toning benefits to restore a beautiful facial appearance that looks and feels incredibly youthful. At our McKinney Med Spa, Dr. Rana offers RF microneedling in Frisco and McKinney as part of his commitment to provide the most advanced technique and technologies available.

What is PiXel8 RF Microneedling?

RF microneedling is a cosmetic procedure that provides not only overall facial rejuvenation, but also solutions for acne scarring, wrinkles, and stretch marks. The PiXel8-RF device delivers bipolar, radiofrequency energy to stimulate the body’s own natural collagen production. This results in firmer, smoother, and overall more radiant skin tone.

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What to Expect from PiXel 8 RF Microneedling

To perform RF microneedling, Dr. Rana will use a local anesthetic and a special device that delivers radiofrequency waves to the skin, stimulating your own body to create collagen.

Initially mild swelling, bruising, and redness may be noted and improve over the next 48 hours. Over the next few days, redness, peeling, and flaking can be expected. Makeup may be worn after 24 hours. All in all, you will be able to return to normal activities promptly.

Your microneedling regimen typically will consists of 3-5 treatments, depending on your particular skin care needs

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Am I a Candidate for PiXel 8 RF Microneedling?

Almost everyone that wants to reduce signs of aging skin is a good candidate for treatment. Regardless of skin tone or age, any adult can receive the benefits of Pixel8-RF microneedling.

What are the Benefits of PiXel8 RF Microneedling?

  • Improve skin tone & texture
  • Improve acne scarring
  • Firms skin
  • Improves fine lines & wrinkles
  • Evens skin color
  • Minimizes pore size
  • Tightens skin
  • Reduces redness
  • Stimulates collagen production
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Microneedling FAQ

How many RF microneedling sessions do I need?

The common suggestion is for three treatments typically spaced one month apart.

How Long Do Pixel8 RF Microneedling Results Last?

The beauty of RF microneedling is that it stimulates your body’s very own collagen production over a period of 6 months. Depending on your skin, repeating the treatment at the four to six-month mark can ensure your skin remains shiny and youthful.

Are There Any Side Effects?

Side effects of RF microneedling therapy can include bleeding, peeling, and bruising. Also, because the skin is breached by microneedles, a small risk of infection exists. However, all precautions are taken during treatment so as to avoid this. Also, you will receive all the advice you need to avoid infection after treatment.

Can I wear makeup after microneedling?

Dr. Rana will recommend that you do not wear makeup for 24 hours after treatment. You may choose to abstain from makeup even longer to ensure that the healing process produces maximum results and leaves your pores clear.

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